Custom Drawer Boxes

Drawer Box Construction

We craft our dovetail and doweled drawer boxes to stand the test of time. Too often underestimated in their importance and value, high quality drawer boxes provide the stability and strength that sets custom cabinetry apart from the rest. With many drawer box options available you can create the perfect box combination for your project. There are two overall construction types for drawer boxes, either Dovetail or Doweled construction. Choose which of our dovetail drawer boxes or our doweled drawer boxs will best meet the needs of your customers and we will insure that we help meet those expectations.

Drawer Box Standards

  • Drawers are completely assembled and ready for installation.
  • Half-blind English dovetails are exposed on the drawer sides only.
  • Standard drawer heights are available from 2” - 17”.
  • Standard Drawer bottoms are installed 1/2” up from the bottom. (3/8” and ¼” up also available. Other configurations available for special request)
  • Drawer bottoms are nailed and glued with hot-melt from the bottom side of the drawer for a secure, rattle-free fit.
  • Drawer bottom dado is concealed within the dovetail joint.
  • Drawer Sides are 1/16” lower than fronts/backs for a clean joint on the top edge.
  • Drawer width and length available from 6” - 46”. (larger and smaller available as special request) Tolerances are 1/16” for width, depth and height.

Because the drawer fronts, backs, and bottoms are not readily visible once the drawer is installed, defects and patches in these areas are considered acceptable.

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